“Bucket collecting has boosted my confidence”

Charlotte and Al in RSBC branded red tshirts ready to go out collecting

RSBC runs a range of bucket collections throughout England and Wales to help raise vital funds for blind children. These not only act as a way to fundraise, but are great opportunities to spread the word about how a donation can change the future for blind children and young people.

Recently, two members of our Employability programme picked up a bucket and got fundraising. In this blog, Al-Ameen talks us through his experience:

Giving it a go

In one of the recent employability sessions, we were asked if we’d like to fundraise for RSBC by going out bucket collecting. Myself and another member of the employability programme, Charlotte, decided to give it a go.

We first met with the fundraising team, and they gave us some tips to help us with our collecting. For example, we weren’t allowed to shake the buckets but could announce ourselves and explain who we were fundraising for. We got a couple of branded RSBC tabards and a bucket each, and then were ready to go.

Setting up

We met at Embankment station past the barriers and made ourselves known to station staff, explaining that we had a license to collect that day. The staff member then took us into the head office to sign in, where we were told what parts of the station we could collect. We then set-up by the barriers, donned our tabards, and started work.

Beatboxing for blind children

We were collecting right near the entrance to the station, and rotated between going in and out of the station in the hope this would encourage more interest as there were people coming from all directions. We were both calling out things like “Good Morning. Change a blind child’s life by donating to RSBC.” After a while, we decided to try new ways to get attention. One thing which really helped was the occasional bit of beatboxing I performed!

‘Doing the collections really helped me gain confidence’

One reason I enjoyed it was because I got on really well with Charlotte, and we managed to bring humour into the task we were completing. At first I felt a bit self conscious about calling out to people, but doing the collections really helped me gain confidence and project my voice. I also got to talk to lots of different people when I thanked them as they donated. I would definitely do another bucket collection for RSBC as it was a very enjoyable experience.

You can help blind children by collecting like Al and Charlotte

If you’d like to have good time whilst doing your bit for a good cause, you can follow in Al and Charlotte’s footsteps! Most of our collection slots only take a couple of hours, and are a great way to meet new people and have fun.

Get in touch with our friendly volunteering team on 020 3198 0225 or send an email to volunteers@rsbc.org.uk to take part and ensure that no child in the UK should grow up to be poor or lonely, just because they are blind.

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