Call centre technology made accessible for blind workers

Photo of hand using touch screen computer

Update: In January 2017, RLSB merged with the Royal Society for Blind Children. Although we are now called RSBC, there may be some references to RLSB in the following blog.

New call centre technology has received accessibility enhancements designed to aid blind and partially sighted workers.

Cloud-based call systems provider TCN has made its Platform 3 Vocal Vision product compatible with screen reader Jaws (Job Access With Speech).

This will allow vision impaired workers to navigate the contacts suite and effectively handle incoming and outgoing calls.

Beyond Vision president and CEO Jim Kerlin said:

“We’ve been impressed with TCN’s Vocal Vision cloud-based phone service. They have been very willing to customize the solution to meet our employee’s accessibility needs.”

Additional accessible features include the agent dashboard along with reporting and call analytics.

“TCN has always been committed to providing customers with the most advanced call center technology,” Said Terrel Bird, CEO and co-founder of TCN.

“We are excited to bring Platform 3 Vocal Vision to the market to meet the needs of the visually impaired community and open new doors for employment.”

Read the full article on Beta News.

The RLSB Youth Forum has been campaigning for improved employment opportunities for blind and partially sighted young people. Find out more about their Let’s Work it Out employment pack, designed to support employers to recruit more blind and partially sighted workers.

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