Dash to Dubrovnik: “We’re fundraising to give blind children a chance to live an amazing childhood”

Sons of Mumford smiling at the camera

Introducing Sons of Mumford. No not the famous band Mumford and Sons (read on to find out about the name) but a team of six friends who are part of 50 Loughborough University students taking on the Dash to Dubrovnik challenge. In June they will be driving to Dubrovnik in a car worth no more than £500.00, all to raise a grand total of £22,000 for RSBC. Good luck guys!

The group guest blog for us on their fundraising efforts, which have included starting a band and selling pancakes. Lemon and sugar please…

We are the Sons of Mumford

A group of six friends who all met through Loughborough Stage Society. A bit of an explanation on the name… Not a play on words, regarding the famous folk band, but a reference to our Rehearsal Space “Mumford Arts Centre”, a place that has meant so much to us. Anyway, we digress!

How have we fundraised?

As a group we have so far organised a Jazz night or two; a Quiz; and sold Pancakes in the Union!
Not to mention everyone’s individual efforts: like Dan and James making an appearance at the resident computer game convention LAN, or Josh utilising his school’s non-uniform day, for example. As with any fundraising, we’ve had good moments and some… not so good moments. Altogether though we have gone through this journey, ready for the Dash to Dubrovnik challenge steadily building up donations for this amazing charity.

Getting the fundraising up and running

We all started strong and have had to use bits of ingenuity as the fundraising period has gone on. In order to raise awareness for RSBC and our fundraising, we’ve pulled out all the stops. The first order of business was to create a central Facebook page to keep people up to date on all of our activities. This has been such a great tool for us and has hopefully contributed to our success. We’ve also fashioned a band to play at some of the bigger events at the Union, to make people aware of what we’d like to do and achieve out of this amazing opportunity!

With so many of the team graduating and leaving Loughborough at the end of this year, a road trip with a good bunch of mates was on the cards. Once we saw the Dash to Dubrovnik (King’s Landing, no less!) we jumped at the opportunity to see Europe and have an adventure. Once we found out about the incredible cause we’d be involved with it was a no-brainer.

It means a lot that we’ll be giving so many blind and partially sighted children a chance to live an amazing childhood and life. We’re amazed by the work the RSBC do, and we couldn’t be happier to raise what we can to help the Family Support Service and contribute to everything else the RSBC does for blind children.

All in all, we’re moved by the cause and can’t wait to find out what our donations have helped achieve. If we can have a little fun while getting there, well… that’s just the cherry on the cake!

Will you fundraise to support blind children?

We know a European road trip isn’t for everyone, so we’ve got a range of fundraising ideas including running and challenge events that you could try.

Thank you so much for your help and for doing your bit to ensure no blind child grows up to be poor and alone just because they are blind. Check out our Fundraising Ideas page to get started.

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