Dashing to Dubrovnik to fundraise for blind children

Three students holding up a fourth student in front of a car they are going to use for Dash to Dubrovnik

Meet Abi. She’s taking on an incredible challenge along with 50 other students from Loughborough University, to get to Dubrovnik in a car that cost less than £500, all in aid of RSBC.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Abi recently completed a week’s voluntary placement with RSBC and found out first hand how fundraising challenges like these help the blind children and young people we work with.

Find out more about her Dash to Dubrovnik challenge in her guest blog for RSBC:

An inspirational week

As team leader for the Dash to Dubrovnik challenge at Loughborough University, I have been raising money for RSBC since October 2016. In April, I was given the opportunity to volunteer for the marketing team. Working at the heart of the charity, I’ve learned about the great services RSBC offers. I was also really inspired by meeting RSBC’s blind and partially sighted employees and seeing how amazing they are at their jobs.

I’ve also learned great techniques to inspire people to donate to a wonderful cause. I’m planning to use everything I’ve learned at RSBC to aid me in increasing our fundraising total in the Dash to Dubrovnik fundraising challenge.

What is the Dash to Dubrovnik?

A once in a lifetime trip, RSBC’s Dash to Dubrovnik is a unique car rally race through Europe, covering 11 countries in 6 days with the final destination being sunny Croatia. The aim of the trip is for each student to raise an individual total of £495 for RSBC. Many students have always wanted to explore the exciting countries and cities that Europe has to offer and this trip will take me and friends on an extraordinary 1800 mile journey, with a different destination each day and night.

How does the Dash to Dubrovnik challenge actually work?

In teams of between 2 and 5 people, we have to purchase a car worth no more than £500 that will stand up to the journey. Challenge accepted!

Then we will set off on our travels. After seeing the beautiful sights of Europe and upon arrival in Croatia we’ll get to let off some steam by enjoying the Dubrovnik Boat Party, safe in the knowledge that our fundraising efforts are going to help blind children and young people live life without limits.

What do I do in my role as team leader?

As Team Leader for the challenge at my University, I work with the fundraising department at RSBC to monitor all fundraising being done by the students attending the trip. To begin with, I had to work with the company organising the Dash to Dubrovnik to promote the event and encourage students to sign up for the incredible trip. Once signed up, I monitor their fundraising efforts and give the students creative fundraising ideas to spur them on towards their total.

How will raising these funds change the lives of blind children?

I was shocked to discover that 90% of those that lose their sight in youth will never work more than 6 months of their life, and most will never have someone to share their life with.

The £22,000 we are collectively aiming to raise will pay for a year’s worth of support from a Family Engagement Worker for 49 families. RSBC’s Family Engagement Workers offer specialist support for parents,helping them to develop/adjust their parenting skills so they are confident in how they can best support their child’s development.

Both breath-taking and rewarding, this amazing once in a lifetime trip paired with how much we are going to make a difference within the RSBC will not only be one of the best things I have ever done but also something to be very proud of.

Feeling inspired to support blind children?

From our flagship Blindfold Run, to London Marathon 2018 places next year, we have a range of ways that you can get involved and support blind children to live a life without limits. Visit our fundraising ideas page for more info on how you can get involved.

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