Driverless car road trials given the go-ahead in the UK

Image shows a driverless car pod on an empty road

The testing of driverless cars on UK roads has been given the green light.
The first public road trials will be in Milton Keynes and Coventry later this year, and 40 pavement-based driverless pods will also be tested in Milton Keynes.

In the Queen’s Speech yesterday, the government laid out plans to update car insurance, so that driverless cars would be subject to the same rules as normal vehicles. Vision impaired people are following the developments of driverless cars with interest, as many say the technology could potentially give them greater independence.

Tom Pey, Chief Executive of the Royal Society for Blind Children, has welcomed the recent advancements in the implementation of driverless car technology: “The developers of driverless cars have a simple vision of the future. They see a world where car ownership will be a thing of the past and we will simply order a car to take us from place to place through our smart phones or via the internet.

“We will enter our destination, a driverless car will turn up at our door pre-programmed with our destination, just like a taxi today, just without the driver. Taxis are the most used form of transport by visually impaired people today.

“Driverless cars will simply make our journey more personal and will give us the same sense of freedom and enjoyment as everyone else. Technology is levelling the playing field in so many ways. Driverless cars are another, important part of our journey towards equality.”

Read the full article on the BBC News website.

Image credit: smoothgroover22

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