Eurovision Sweepstake for RSBC!

Eurovision stage with lots of people watching and strobe lights, with RSBC logo and "support blind children with our Eurovision sweepstake" written on top

Whether you love it or hate it, Eurovision is coming up fast. To make your evening of festivities even more exciting, we’ve made a handy sweepstake kit for you to use at work, or in your own home so you can cheer on your favourite country (we’re looking at you, Azerbaijan).

So along with your Italian pizza and German beer (we won’t tell if you don’t), you can have fun and at the same time raise money to help blind children live life without limits. Sounds good? Just download our sweepstake kit below, print it out and you’re ready to go!

Download your Eurovision sweepstake kit

How to play:

1. Print out the draw pages
2. Cut out the 41 tabs and put them in a hat, to be drawn by each person
3. Put up the draw page where everyone can see it, to keep track of who’s got which horse

Each ticket costs £2
1st place wins £25
2nd place wins £10
3rd place wins £5

Any remaining money goes to RSBC, going towards our mission to make sure every single blind child has the self-belief and skills to fulfil the potential we know they’ve got.

You can pay any money to RSBC online at or at your bank using the details below. Please let us know before you make a payment so we can provide you with a reference number.

Sort code: 20-77-67
Account number: 30753556

Or you could send a cheque. Please make it payable to ‘RSBC’ and send to:

52-58 Arcola Street,
E8 2DJ

Keep your sweepstake legal

There are a few regulations to follow to make sure your sweepstake is legal. Just follow these simple rules to stay on the right side of the law:

  • the organiser of the sweepstake and participants must all work at the same, single workplace. If you’re organising your sweepstake at home, run it with members of your family who live in the same residence.
  • don’t advertise your sweepstake anywhere apart from at your workplace.
  • the organiser of the sweepstake cannot make any kind of profit.
  • every ticket has to cost the same amount.
  • participants can’t specifically choose their own teams, the choice has to come down to chance (e.g. draw your ticket out of a hat).
  • there can’t be any kind of “roll-overs”.
  • your sweepstake can’t be promoted to raise money for personal or commercial gain, but you can promote it to support a charity or good cause, such as RSBC.

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