“Fundraising is such a rewarding experience” 13-year-old Chloe

Chloe at her local opticians with glasses wipes and a collection tin

13-year-old Chloe Davis has turned a school project into a successful fundraising venture, having raised an incredible £600 for RSBC. Find out how Chloe channeled her entrepreneurial spirit to design, manufacture and sell RSBC glasses wipes in her local Specsavers.

What inspired you to fundraise for RSBC?

At school we were doing a project in social studies about charities and we had to do a powerpoint presentation. I chose to focus on blindness and I learned a lot about the challenges that blind people face. During my research I came across RSBC and I was really inspired by the work of the charity so I decided to do some fundraising for them.

What did you decide to do to fundraise?

Thinking about how I could help, I had the idea of selling glasses wipes in my local Specsavers in High Wycombe to raise some funds for RSBC. I set about designing the wipes and I then got in touch with a manufacturing firm in India. It took a process of emailing and calling to explain what I was doing and in the end they kindly offered to make the wipes for me.

I was so amazed that they said yes because it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this and having the wipes produced by a professional company has been an incredible help.

What did you do after you got the wipes delivered?

It wasn’t long before they were delivered to my home and then I sent them to my local Specsavers store. After that I took them to school and showed them to my friends and family and I got some donations from that.

How can people get hold of the wipes?

They are still on sale at £3 per wipe in Specsavers in High Wycombe and the wipes are included with a free eye check-up for anyone who buys them exclusively in that store.

What’s the reaction been like to your fundraising?

My school and my family and friends are telling me that my idea really stands out and that it’s proving a really good way to give back to the community. I’m very proud of what I’ve done because I’ve raised £600 so far, so getting very close to my £1,000 target!

What would you say to any young people who might want to do some fundraising of their own?

Fundraising is definitely a rewarding experience. There can be a lot to do but it’s worth in the end. Go for it, persevere, you’ll feel proud to tell people about what you’ve achieved.

Do you feel inspired by Chloe’s determination to help blind children?

If you’re inspired by Chloe’s story, there are a number of ways you can start fundraising to help blind children live life without limits. You can take part in a running and challenge event or perhaps host a bake sale at work. Check out our Fundraising events and Ideas page to get involved.

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