Launching the Winefold Challenge

Winefold Challenge banner with the words 'Fullbodied and fruity fundraising for you and your friends' overlaid

We are really excited to announce the launch of our new wine tasting challenge event: The Winefold Challenge. Get your friends together, taste wine and raise funds to make sure that no child in the UK grows up to be poor or lonely, just because they are blind.

How does the Winefold Challenge work?

The Winefold Challenge is wine tasting with a twist. You can host your own blindfolded wine tasting at home or after hours with work colleagues.

Everyone will be blindfolded, given a wine to try and then asked to guess what type of wine it is, and from Chardonnay to Merlot there’re a lot to choose from. The winner is the person who guessed the most wines correctly – who’s the winefolded whizz of your friends?

Whether you’re a novice taster or a wine connoisseur, the Winefold challenge is for all wine lovers.

All the money that you and your friends raise from your Winefold Challenge evening will go towards helping children like Daley live a life without limits.

Sign up to The Winefold Challenge

Images of The Winefold PackSign up to get your free at-home wine tasting kit to get the party started. The pack includes tips on how to plan the event and gives some great hints on how to tell a Merlot from a Malbec. We’ve also come up with some fun downloads for your evening, with bottle covers and even a Spotify playlist to get the mood going.

Sign up to the Winefold Challenge now and don’t forget to share your night with us using the hashtag #winefoldchallenge.

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