RSBC Choir: learning to write and produce our own song

Terrelle sits at a radio recording desk

RSBC youth choir member Terrelle Iziren blogs on the RSBC Youth Choir’s second session of 2017. You can catch up on his first blog of the year here.

This week’s session began with an ice-breaker where we discussed the positive and negative aspects of being blind or vision impaired. Positive was “being treated equally by friends and family, while receiving required support,” although one negative from myself was “perceptions from society not understanding vision impairment or blindness.”

Some members spoke about feeling excluded from particular sports and feeling unable to fulfil their potential due to misconceptions within society. This was a great way to get inspiration for writing our own song later on.

Getting down to some production

By early afternoon, the team began brainstorming some amazing ideas for our music production. Accompanist to the project, Justin, suggested the chorus should be “Life without limits, the sky’s not the limit.”

Choir member Tyenne (who has written guest blogs for RSBC) also thought of a line which everyone agreed she would speak aloud at the beginning of the song:

“We’re changing perceptions, it’s deep and perplexing, the way that  a VI (vision impaired person) thinks…”

After this point, ideas began pouring out from team members as lyrics for RSBC’s first song of 2017 began to take shape. One aspect of this part of the workshop that really stood out for us was, how simple it can be creating lyrics for a song based on your everyday life experiences.

Have a sneak peak at a clip from our rehearsal below.

Inspired to join our youth choir?

The RSBC Youth Choir is free to join for vision impaired 11-25s. Test out your vocal chords, learn music production skills, and have fun making music with RSBC’s Youth choir. Enter your details below to join.

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