RSBC choir Soars Towards Summer Shows

Three members of the RSBC Choir singing

RSBC Choir Member, Terrelle, is back with his latest blog. In this installment, Terrelle writes about the choir’s preparations for their summer tour in July.

Planning for the summer tour

At our latest session, planning for the summer performances across London next month was first on the agenda. This was followed by the introduction of an upbeat track called sunrise, created by Justin, who has also been working with the choir. We came up with lyrics for Justin’s track, while other members split up into groups in preparation for the summer shows.

Planning the presenting

Once the groups had divided, Arun, Harry and I prepared our hosting scripts for the summer events. The ideas discussed brought great excitement not only to the hosts but the volunteers too. We mainly planned out our stage directions and effective ways of engaging our audience. While we can’t give too much away at this stage, you can be sure to be inspired and entertained. Check out where we’ll be performing here.

Every time we do the music project we all improve

When asked about how she felt the production was going so far, Alex said “Every time we do the music project, we all improve and share our ideas a lot more.” This has definitely been a reflection of the growing team spirit within the group over the past few weeks as the summer shows edge closer. After lunch at 1, we returned to the room to be briefed on how the music production of Justin’s tune “Sunrise” was going. The beat was great alongside the lyrics produced by some of the team.

Without doubt, “Sunrise” can pave the way to a groovy summer for RSBC.

Don’t miss the RSBC Choir’s live performances this summer

You can see the RSBC Choir in action this summer, and be one of the first to hear their brand new ‘Life without Limits’ song at one of four live performances in July. Check out their performance dates here and come along, we’d love to have your support.

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