RSBC Choir’s first rehearsal of 2017: Everyone was raring to go

Terrelle sits at a radio recording desk

RSBC choir member, Terelle Iziren, guest blogs on the choir’s first rehearsal of 2017 and shares what the group got up to at their music production session.

Getting on with some singing

The RSBC choir began 2017 on a high note as we all gathered to kick start rehearsals on the back of our debut at the RSBC Christmas concert. The excitement was evident as everyone was raring to go.

Following a warm introduction from the RSBC staff, we were given a music lesson from our choir master Victoria. We were taken through our paces, having to test our vocal chords based on keys played on the piano by choir member and accompanist Justin.

The session was interesting as there were different chords struck for those of various age groups, with older members singing a lower vocal range, and the younger members singing in higher range. By 1pm, we were all having a well-earned lunch break, taking a chance to unwind after a musical morning.

Composing some beats

After lunch it was back to the project as Justin gave us a greater insight into music production and how certain sounds such as hi-hats are included in many modern-day songs. Several young people involved in the project worked alongside Justin to produce a music track and some beats.

Many of the beats we produced were great quality, and everybody was thrilled with Justin’s remix of beats made by participants in the project. At 3pm the day concluded with a group discussion on what we enjoyed most about the day and what we had learnt from it.

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