RSBC Music Group deliver a rousing performance at West Norwood

Members of the RSBC music group singing at West Norwood

The RSBC Youth Music Group recently performed at the West Norwood Feast open Mic event.
Terelle who was one of the hosts for the performances, blogs about the big day.

Crowds of people arrived at a West Norwood open-mic event, as RSBC’s Music Group delivered a show-stopping performance that brought many to their feet. Hosted by Alex, Harry and myself, the show got off to a flying start. There was some spoken-word, performed by myself, as part of a poem I wrote called “Anyone Can Achieve.” This was followed by team member Jessi’s poem “Let Me Tell You About it”, which I read in her absence.

Party-like atmosphere

As hosts, we were given a warm reception by the crowd on a sunny, south London afternoon. However, it was RSBC’s summer anthem “Life Without Limits” and sound-producer Justin’s holiday-inspired “Sunrise” that livened up the show. Towards the end of the tune, RSBC volunteers joined the stage to create a party-like atmosphere. In between both songs, was a drumming piece by Sean,10, the youngest member of the team that day.

An amazing experience

After an amazing performance, the team remained beside the main stage, showing wonderful sportsmanship and support to other acts. This was later praised by a member of the events team at the venue, who described RSBC’s performance as the best she had seen in her four years working there. When asked about the team’s performance, RSBC volunteer Lilu said this was “an amazing experience.” The team have since been invited back to perform in West Norwood again.

Don’t miss the next performance

RSBC’s nextbe show is on Saturday 15 July 2017, at The EustonPiazza. See you there

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