“RSBC’s Choir is boosting my song writing skills”

Two boys singing in the RSBC Choir

From music production to presenting and interviewing, Terrelle Iziren takes us behind the scenes at RSBC choir rehearsals.

Find out how the blind young creatives are getting on writing their own song, and discover how the group worked on their communication skills by taking part in a fast-paced radio presenting and interviewing skills workshop.

Cooking up tasty lyrics

Rehearsals began by working on the second verse of our original song that we’re writing together as a group. We were split into two groups, with half working on the second verse of RSBC’s new song. This verse mainly centered around main activities RSBC carry out as a charity including sports, and providing a welcoming environment for children and families.

Meanwhile, the other half were cooking up some tasty rap lyrics to sandwich between some of the singing in the second and third verses. You could almost smell the competition. Both sides delivered some impressive music, as the song was completed by the start of that afternoon!

Three, two, one, Action!

In the second half we were split into pairs to take part in a radio presenting and interview skills workshop. Without scripts, and a gruelling 30 second time frame, we had to present swiftly by introducing ourselves and guests (second person in the pair), in addition to asking guests at least two questions on a pre-agreed topic.

It went much quicker than you would think, and it didn’t take long for us to realise how on-the-ball you have to be to be a radio presenter.

Get creative with RSBC

Master song writing and singing and polish up your communication skills by joining RSBC’s choir of blind young singers. Sign up with your details below!

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