The day music met drama: Terelle’s behind the scenes blog

RSBC Youth Choir

After the huge success of his first two blogs, Terrelle Iziren returns to take us behind the scenes at RSBC Youth Choir rehearsals. You can catch up on his first blog here and don’t miss his second blog here.

Terrelle blogs on the group’s work on their original song and their first foray into drama. The improv activity allowed them to boost their performance and voice projection skills, experience something new and develop different ways of communicating to help with the songwriting.

“With RSBC’s new song beginning to take shape, the team began their latest session with a vocal warm-up. The group ran through the chorus of their song with Mohammed and Justin singing the lines ‘Life without limits, the sky’s the limit…’

Within the opening hour of the session, we continued brainstorming inspirational lyrics for the song.

A twist in the tale

We were then invited to participate in a drama workshop. This taster session was centred around a pretend party. After a heavy night partying, many of the invitees had their prized possessions i.e. keys, wallets and mobile phones stolen having fallen asleep at the venue.

As you would expect in typical crime drama TV shows, police officers arrived swiftly on the scene the following morning. Hungover party-goers could be forgiven for pointing fingers at one another, only to discover among themselves that the police officer was the culprit. It was a great way of exploring different character’s emotions. It also helped our confidence on stage and we worked on our voice projection skills.

The session ended with a group discussion on future plans for the production project. With the RSBC Youth choir’s song well underway, and the music clicking into gear, it’s fair to say the team are looking forward to the next session!”

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