Top fundraising tips to meet your London Marathon target

An RSBC London Marathon Runner waving at the camera with the words 'Five top fundraising tips for the London Marathon 2018' overlaid

So you’re up for running the London Marathon with RSBC, but not sure how to meet the fundraising target? Don’t worry!

We’ve got a team of friendly staff that will give you dedicated one to one support and guide you through your fundraising all the way till race day. We’ve also come up with a few tips that can help get you started straight away.

1. Set-up a Just Giving Page

Just Giving is an online platform which allows friends and family to donate safely and securely, from anywhere in the world. It is the easiest way for people to give, as the donations come straight to us, saving you time and hassle!

2. Tell your local press you’re running the marathon

Simon Gladwin ran the marathon for us in 2017, and he got an interview with BBC Shropshire about his marathon run, which helped him spread the word about his fundraising events. Remember, the fact you’re running the marathon is an amazing achievement and people will want to hear about it.

3. Tell your friends about your fundraising online

Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Instagram are great tools for attracting donations, so remember to let your followers know that you are training for a good cause with regular updates. A picture speaks a thousand words so make sure you document all those early-morning training sessions to build support!

4. Run a fun event to get people donating

Everyone loves a good night of entertainment, so think about what events you could run in your local community that can get people having fun and adding to your fundraising total.
Matthew Haas who ran for team RSBC in 2017 worked in a school, so he hosted a mini sponsored blindfold run with the children.

Simon Gladwin ran a cabaret night, a sponsored football tournament, and a racing night. Simon’s top tip was to run a raffle at your event. “I found that people don’t mind giving you money when there is a chance they could be getting something in return so it’s a good way to raise cash.” Simon explained.

Helena also ran for us this year and she used her baking skills to run a popular baking course, and she also made a cake for a christening with an added sponsorship whip-round.

5. Did you know your employer may be able to help?

If you are in employment, approach your HR Manager and find out if your company offers a ‘Matched Giving’ scheme. If it does, you’re in luck. Schemes can vary, but some companies will match every pound you raise, so smashing your target should be a walk (or run) in the park!

Ready to run the London Marathon for Team RSBC?

Hopefully these tips have shown you there are plenty of ways you can reach your target, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. So why not register your interest for the London Marathon today?

Fill in your details below and one of our friendly fundraising staff will be in touch. The funds you raise for RSBC will help ensure that no child in the UK grows up to be poor or lonely just because they are blind.

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