Volunteers’ Week: “RSBC will give you an experience you won’t forget”

Dami against a white background, with the words 'Volunteering with RSBC: An experience you won't forget' overlaid

Today’s Volunteers’ Week story comes from Dami who is vision impaired. He attended RSBC’s Social and Peer groups before signing up to volunteer in 2014. Dami writes about his role, and shares what it means to come back and volunteer for the groups that he benefitted from so much.

‘I get a lot out of volunteering’

My role is all about ensuring that everyone has a good time, gets to know each other, and gets involved in every activity.

I used to be part of the Social and Peer groups before I joined the volunteering team in September 2014. Since then I have done a range of activities with the groups. Everything from trips to the theatre, cooking sessions, a trip to Thorpe Park and more. Now I support the RSBC choir, and help the blind young choir members with their song writing and learning about music technology.

Since becoming an RSBC volunteer, I have made great friends with my fellow volunteers. Having also been a member of the social groups, I know the blind young members very well and can relate to them, which makes the volunteering even more special.

It’s also a pleasure that you get to do activities and go places which you never thought you would be able to. As an RSBC volunteer you’ll get to be part of an amazing community which is always there to support you and that is for me the best part of it.

RSBC will inspire, support and give you an experience you won’t forget or want to end.

Sign up to volunteer for RSBC

Interested in working with young people? Volunteer for our social groups. Want to boost your fundraising experience? Join our team at our offices in Dalston. We have a range of opportunities, so check out what’s on offer and join our band of volunteers.

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