Volunteers Week: “Volunteering at RSBC makes a real difference to the lives of blind children”

Volunteer Harriet smiling at the camera, with the words 'Volunteering provides a lot of satisfaction for me' overlaid

For Volunteer’s Week, we are sharing the stories of our brilliant volunteers. Meet Hariett young, who has been with us since the summer of 2013. Hariett writes about volunteering on RSBC social groups and shares some of her favourite memories.

It’s a very sociable role

“When I volunteer at RSBC, I mainly support the social and peer groups as a trained sighted guide helping blind and partially sighted young people get to and from activities. During activities I help the vision impaired members to understand what’s going on or I explain where we are and describe the scenery. It’s a very sociable role, as we often crack jokes and have a good chat. I also encourage the quieter members to engage with others in the group.
I really enjoy it when they come out of their shells and have a good time, and end up making friends with other members in the group. For many, coming to the social groups is a real chance to get out of their house and boost their confidence and social skills.

It was incredibly thrilling for both of us

I remember the time we took on a crate stacking challenge. I was paired up with a young boy, who also had multiple learning needs as well as being registered blind. At first he was hesitant about stacking the crates and climbing higher and higher. I encouraged him to do it and he gradually became more confident. When the crates fell, and we were left hovering in mid-air held up by safety ropes, it was incredibly thrilling for both of us! It was a joy to see his little face light up with laughter!

Volunteering at RSBC can make a real difference

Volunteering provides a lot of satisfaction for me, knowing I am helping blind and partially sighted young people to become more confident and live a life without limits.”

Change lives as an RSBC volunteer

Do you want to gain valuable experience and help us support vision impaired young people? Follow in Hariett’s footsteps and check out our volunteering opportunities to support blind children.

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