What board games can you play if you’re blind?

Someone playing a board game

Is the rainy winter weather keeping you and your family stuck indoors? Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a list of tactile braille and large print board games that blind or partially sighted people can play. They are made with sighted players in mind too, so have a look at our selection and get planning for a games night with the family!

Braille and large print pack of cards

The games that can be played with a 52 pack of cards are varied, great fun and will provide hours of entertainment. The RNIB sell playing cards. They come with large print and have the denomination and suit embossed in braille at the top left and bottom right hand corners.

Braille Scrabble

How good is your spelling? Take on a battle of words with the family and prove your superior knowledge of the English language in this popular word-based game. The letter tiles each have a braille label and print labelling. Tactile dots on the board determine premium letter squares, while tactile dashes denote premium word squares. Word smiths are you ready? This is your time to shine.  Get your scrabble set here.

Snakes and Ladders

Will you climb a ladder closer to home or get gobbled up by a snake and sent back down to the start? It’s all in a lucky roll of the die.

You can get your hand-made wooden board, with braille numbering on the squares plus braille die, shaking cup and instructions from Cobalt Systems.

Tactile Chess set

Only two of you at home? Face off in one of the world’s most popular strategy games. A tactile chess set comes with raised black squares, and holes in each square for the pieces to slot in to stay in place. Black pieces have a tactile pin in the top to tell them apart. You can find a chess set here and train to become the next chess master!

These are just a few of our favourite games, but there are lots more available at stores like Cobalt Systems, Amazon.com, and the RNIB shop. Let us know what your favourite tactile games are on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram pages.

Our Family Support Service is here to help

Do you have questions about how best to support your vision impaired child? Our Family Support Service can be on hand from the moment your child is diagnosed with a visual impairment. Through dedicated one-to-one support, our team can offer practical advice and emotional support so you can understand sight loss, adapt and build the self-belief that your family can live beyond it. Find out more about our Family Support Service and how we can help you.

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