You’re the reason we can keep providing our vital services. Donate today and help blind and partially sighted children and young people across England and Wales.

Like you, we believe that no child should grow up to be poor or lonely just because they’re blind, yet for many this is a reality. Blind and partially sighted 11-year-olds are twice as likely to be bullied at school, and nearly 70% grow up to live on the poverty line. Many are left depressed, dependent on their families and lacking in confidence – with nine out of 10 who lose their sight in youth never work for more than six months in their lives.

Your gift would be put straight into action, helping our specialist staff reach vision impaired children and young people at the earliest opportunity.

You can give quickly and securely online by using the links below. If you’d like to chat with our team about donating or the services your gift would support, please call us on 0203 794 8316, or email

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Setting up a regular gift, no matter what the amount, is a fantastic way to support our work.  It means so much to know that we can count on your regular support, as long-term gifts are more cost effective. Online direct debits will be coming soon, but in the meantime, you can call our Supporter Care team on 020 3198 0225 or email and we’ll be able to start your gift.

Prefer to donate £3.00 each month via your mobile phone? Scroll down for information on Text Giving or click here.

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Make a one off donation

Prefer not to donate online? You can call us on 0203 794 8316 to make a credit card donation, or you may prefer to send a cheque made payable to ‘RSBC’ and return it to: Freepost RTUR–THHH–XJRE, RSBC, 52-58 Arcola Street, London, E8 2DJ.

If you have any questions about giving to RSBC please call us on 0203 794 8316. Thank you.

If you wish to request that your donation is refunded or your Direct Debit cancelled, please get in touch with our Supporter Care Team on 0203 198 0223 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, or by email at .


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Help blind children, just like Liam, live a better life

Two-year-old Liam was born with Cone Rod Dystrophy, which affects both his eyes. It is a genetic disease that results in severe sight impairment due to the loss of the light sensitive cells of the retina.

Liam lives with his mum and dad, both parents have learning difficulties and have found it very challenging to cope with a new baby with severe sight loss.

It was only when Liam’s Grandmother reached out for support from RSBC’s Family Support Service that the family found hope for Liam’s future. Together they started their journey to understand Liam’s sight loss and building the self-belief that they could live beyond it.

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Text Giving

Why not give £3 per month to support our services via your mobile phone? Simply text MOMENTS to 70007. It’s a great way to give regularly as you’re in complete control – you can choose to skip payments or stop easily at any time. We’ll send you a monthly text letting you know more about the difference you’re making. For more info on Text Giving, click here.

This is a subscription service, and you’ll be charged £3 plus a message at your standard network rate in the first month, and £3 per month thereafter. RSBC will receive 100% of the donation. You can unsubscribe any time by texting STOP to 70007 or calling us on 0203 794 8316.

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