Ready to take on The Winefold Challenge?

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The Winefold Challenge is a great excuse for a night in – all you need to get the party started is our free at-home wine tasting kit, your friends and, of course, the wine!

Get your friends together, taste wine and raise funds to make sure that no child in the UK grows up to be poor or lonely, just because they are blind.

What is the Winefold Challenge?

Three happy people taking part in the Winefold ChallengeIt’s wine tasting with a twist! Everyone will be blindfolded, given a wine to try and then asked to guess what type of wine it is, and from Chardonnay to Merlot there’re a lot to choose from. The winner is the person who guessed the most wines correctly – who’s the winefolded whizz of your friends?

Inside your kit is all the information you need to host your own event, including advice on planning the night, a complete wine guide and ideas for fundraising for your memorable evening.

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Any questions?

Contact fundraising at or 020 3198 0225.

Why raise money for RSBC?

Raising a blind child can be a lonely and worrying experience for mum and dad. Your sponsorship will help ensure parents have access to emotional and practical support from RSBC when they need it most.

90% of those who lose their sight in youth won’t work for more than six months in their lives. No child should face this future; your sponsorship can change this.

Note to all participants

The Winefold Challenge is a fun, fundraising event that should be a chance to have quality time with your friends, test your senses and raise money for a great cause.

The Winefold Challenge promotes responsible drinking and follows the guidelines set out at the charity DrinkAware –

The Government’s lower risk guidelines for alcohol consumption is 2-3 units per day for women and 3-4 units for men – so it’s important to know how many units you might drink.

A small glass (125 ml) = 1.5 units
A medium glass (175 ml) = 2 units
A large glass (250 ml) = 3 units
A bottle (750ml) = 9 units

We just want everyone who participates (and of course they will be 18 and over!) to enjoy themselves.

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