An image of a mom and a son

Our Values

At RSBC, we aim to be the best at what we do and our values are a key part of providing the best possible services to blind young people.


Accountable and responsible

Each of us takes responsibility for delivering great work and are accountable both as individuals as well as members of a team, for performance. Work is always aligned with our organisational objectives so we are accountable to the partners and young people we work with.

Respect for each other

We show respect for everyone inside and outside of RSBC. We do this by always listening, being courteous, sticking to agreed timelines and honouring commitments we make.


Straight talking

At RSBC we speak up, safe in the knowledge that each voice and idea is valued. You can expect that what we say is always positive, constructive and simple. We accept straight talking from each other and those we work with.

Constantly learning and innovating

We will retain passion for our roles by taking every opportunity to develop ourselves and share our knowledge. We’re not afraid to work in different ways to achieve the best results.


Confronting Reality

RSBC staff understand and acknowledge our mistakes and where we can be better. We use feedback from service users, donors and partners, as well as stringent monitoring to improve our work and people’s experience of RSBC.

Deliver results

Aligned with organisational objectives we break our plans down into realistic steps and set measurable goals. By working to the highest standards, testing assumptions and seeking regular feedback we get results.


Blind and partially sighted children and young people are our number one priority

As we are in constant dialogue with children and young people we are able to prioritise their needs and spot the potential in them. Developing their emotional well-being and resilience is central to everything that we do.

Solutions, not problems

You depend on us to be solution focused in our approach and always offer expert solutions for the challenges presented to us.