Dorton College front view. An old mansion house which used to be home to RSBCs Dorton College. Set against a backdrop of trees and the sun.

Ex-Pupil's Association

Our Ex Pupil’s Association was founded in 1924 and some 60 years later it was transformed into the Swiss Cottage and Dorton House School's ex-Pupils Association for the Blind.
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Two members of RSBC staff sit together at a merger event

RLSB and Royal Blind Society form alliance

Following formal discussions The Royal London Society for Blind People (RLSB) and the Royal Blind Society (RBSoc) have agreed to form an association to better serve the needs of vision impaired children and young people and their families in England and Wales.
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RSBC Youth Forum members speaking at the Houses of Parliament

Ground breaking manifesto for blind young Londoners launched

“We’re taking control of our future.” Ground breaking manifesto for blind young Londoners launched. London based youth forum for blind young people unveils the country’s first ever manifesto, highlighting the realities blind young people face around employment, education, transport and diagnosis support.
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