Claiming benefits if you are vision impaired and aged 16 or over

It’s important to make sure you get all the financial help you may be entitled to.  

If your claim is successful, your money can be paid directly into your bank account and it will be backdated to the date of your initial application. 

Depending on your condition and circumstances you could be entitled to these benefits. 

Are you? 

16 or over in full time education 16 or over not in education and not working full time  16 or over in work 
  • Personal Independence Payments  

  • Disabled Student’s Allowance - Designated higher education courses  

  • 16-19 Education Bursary fund 

  • Income Support 

  • Housing Benefit – University Students living away from home 

  • Employment Support Allowance 

  • Personal Independence Payments 
  • Employment Support Allowance 

  • Job Seekers Allowance 

  • Universal Credit 

  • Personal Independence Payments 

  • Access to Work 

  • Blind Person’s Allowance 

  • Working Tax Credit 

  • Universal Credit 

  • VAT Relief to buy products specifically designed for people with a disability 


Depending on your condition and your circumstances these are the main benefits that vision impaired young people could be entitled to: 

  • Personal Independence Payments (PIP) - provides a contribution towards the extra costs you face in order to live a full and active independent life. How much you receive is based on how your condition affects you and not the condition itself 

  • Employment Support Allowance (ESA) - if you are unable to work due to your disability 

  • Access to Work - aims to help disabled people start or stay in work including moving to self-employment or starting a business. It can provide practical and financial support if you have a disability or long term physical or mental health condition claiming Access to Work does not affect your other benefits

  • Blind Persons Allowance – if you are in employment you can earn up to £2,320 more before you start paying income tax on the top of your personal allowance 


Benefits can be confusing

If you would like some advice please speak with one of RSBC’s specialist benefits advisers, we can also help you complete the application forms and help you to challenge any decisions. 

If you are a parent or guardian or vision impaired yourself and aged 16 – 25 then please call 020 3198 0225 or email   


Published: 08 August 2018 

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