Help your vision impaired baby learn through touch

Touching things helps your baby to understand and navigate the world around them. Here are some things that can help with that.

Give your baby toys that feel interesting

Give your baby toys made of different materials, for example like those from Lamaze.

RSBC tip - use play gyms

Touch mobiles and play gyms are a great way for your baby to learn about different materials.

 Books with different materials and textures can also help your baby explore and learn. Or you can use everyday objects, for example:

  • different types of cloths like cotton, silk, fake fur
  • things from outside like leaves or conkers
  • anything you use in the house that’s safe like wooden spoons, sponges an upturned pot

Smooth plastic toys tend not to be stimulating for your baby. They won’t feel interesting because they usually rely on colour for stimulation.

Use noisy toys

Toys that make noise also help your baby find things and identify where things are.

They can, for example, help your baby tell which room they are in. You could have a toy that plays a certain song only in the bedroom and a clock that makes a noise in the living room.

Let your baby find things

It’s important to let your baby explore for themselves. Avoid handing things to them. Instead, let your baby find toys and other daily objects.

When they put something down, don’t move it. This can be confusing for your baby when they try to find it again.

RSBC tip - let your baby touch food

Put food on a plate and let your baby find it. Let them eat the food with their fingers. Things can get a bit messy but it’s important for your baby to learn about the daily things in their life.

Published: December 2017

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