Make your home safe

There are things you can do to help make your home safer:

  • keep the floor clear of things that can trip them up
  • make sure furniture is secure and won’t tip over
  • put breakable things out of reach
  • cover electric sockets with a plug
  • use non-slip mats under loose rugs or remove altogether if they are a trip hazard
  • be aware of hazards and if dangerous remove or pad sharp corners
  • use gates at the top and bottom of stairs
  • be vigilant if they’re moving around independently and stay close by when they’re not
  • use safety latches on cupboards where you keep medicines and chemicals

Keep your toddler away from:

  • standing water including toilets and buckets
  • anything that’s hot, like the oven or radiators


RSBC’s Family Support Service can help you with:

  • practical advice about your child’s development
  • support when you feel overwhelmed
  • understanding your child’s vision impairment better
  • living as a family and being supportive of each other

Call us on 0203 198 0225 or email


Published: December 2017 

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