Making adjustments to support vision impaired employees

If you employ someone with a vision impairment, you must make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to make sure they can do their job.

What counts as a ‘reasonable adjustment’ depends on many things, including:

  • how easy it is to do
  • how much it costs
  • the type and size of your business
  • the individual circumstances

It’s best if you work with the employee to find out what can help them work to the best of their ability.

Changes you can make to help vision impaired staff include:

  • provide screen reading or magnifying software
  • look at different ways of doing tasks
  • offer training to other staff around disability awareness
  • add contrast to the decor to make it easier and safer for them to move around
  • add stickers onto glass doors
  • ensuring an uncluttered workplace with clear gangways

You can get help and advice from Access to Work to find out exactly what help the employee needs.


Technology to help vision impaired employees

Technology can help vision impaired employees. This includes:

  • screen magnifying programmes like Zoom Text and later versions of Windows
  • screen reading software like JAWS or NVDA
  • magnifiers to enable them to read printed text
  • mainstream technology such as tablets and smartphones often have built in accessibility settings

You can get advice and help with the costs of technology from Access to Work.
You can get training on how to use technology from Ability Net.


Paying for adjustments

Employers usually need to pay for ‘reasonable adjustments’. The cost of making these changes is often low.

The Access to Work scheme can help with any costs that aren’t reasonable for you to pay, such as a support worker or specialist equipment.


Find out more about how to attract, recruit and keep disabled employees on GOV.UK

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Published: October 2017 

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