Making your child's school aware of their sight impairment

Once you know where your child is going to school, take time to explain what makes things more difficult for your child’s condition, for example:

  • Glare or low light - is sitting by a window going to make things better or worse for your child’s vision?
  • Moving furniture can be confusing for a vision impaired child. Keep set-ups of classrooms as fixed as possible.
  • Keeping rooms as tidy and clean as possible.
  • Explaining visuals in detail when they are used them in lessons.
  • Having a commentary on what is happening around them, for example, if the head teacher walks into the room or if something funny happens and everyone starts laughing.

Every child is different and these things will all be unique for your child. Consider creating a School Passport for your child's first day of school.

Getting more advice

You can get advice on education for your child from Independent Parental Special Education Advice (IPSEA).


Published: June 2018

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