Eurodesk is opening up opportunities for visually impaired young people.

Young person smiling with their AQA award and Eurodesk goodie bagIn September this year over 100 visually impaired young people were awarded with AQA accreditations, covering a variety of activities and life skills. Awards were given for money management, writing a manifesto, health and safety and everything in between. Thanks to Eurodesk partner Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC), visually impaired young people have been able to gain confidence in travelling independently and trying new things.

Together, RSBC and Eurodesk are encouraging visually impaired young people to get out into their communities and make a difference.

The second annual awards ceremony was a momentous occasion for RSBC members as it represented the culmination of a year of hard work and achievement. Through programmes such as Health and Well-being, Social and Peer, Youth Forum and Employment, RSBC gives visually impaired young people the chance to build their confidence, learn new skills and take part in exciting and challenging experiences.

The awards ceremony was a chance for young people, their friends and families, and RSBC staff to come together and celebrate the achievements of the last year.

Chris Webb-Butler, Community Services Manager said “Today we’re celebrating over 100 young people gaining AQA accredited awards and I could not be more proud of every single one of them. At RSBC we have the privilege of working with these young people. We get to see them not only gain awards like the ones they are receiving today, but grow in confidence, learn new skills, make friends for life and more.”

Achievements included many visually impaired young people travelling independently for the first time, entering an apprenticeship or their first job, completing their first ever residential trip and even launching a youth manifesto at the House of Commons.

RSBC member Yash said of the charity, "When I started secondary school I was lonely, life wasn't fun, I felt isolated and stigmatised, and spent most of my time with teachers rather than other students. Then 3 years ago I joined RSBC, where I started taking part in sports sessions, music groups and residential trips. I've done so many amazing things that I'd never have had the chance or the confidence to do otherwise. We've even done raft building, so if you plan on getting stuck on desert island, take me with you!"

With Eurodesk, young visually impaired adults like Yash can go out into their communities (and beyond!) to make a difference. Gaining the AQA qualifications gives visually impaired young people the confidence to go out and explore, and Eurodesk gives them the tools to do just that.

Everyone took home a Eurodesk bag at the end of the day filled with goodies and opportunity...

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