Laura and Harry's Blindfold Run story

This will be the fourth year that Harry and Laura will be running the RSBC Blindfold Run together. Harry is profoundly Deaf and works as a Deaf Blind Communicator Guide and Laura is a Registered Sign Language Interpreter.  Both are keen runners and will be taking part in the 10K run, each taking turns to run blindfolded.

This is how they have been communicating with one another during the training sessions:

"We created our own signs and gestures using touch and body language, an example of this would be; to indicate turning right we would steer the blindfolded runner by turning their hand to the right. Another example would be; to sign the British Sign Language (BSL)  sign for ‘slow’ on the blindfolded runner’s arm so they would know to slow down. We also have signs for checking each other is ok, indicate speeding up etc. We have found that holding hands throughout the run is a big help for both of us.

"When we train, we usually start by training in an open field which automatically makes us feel more relaxed, knowing we have a lot of space. The most important factor is trust. Harry and I trust each other so much which helps immensely."

Over the four years Harry and Laura have raised over £1500 for RSBC! We can't thank the two of them enough for supporting us over the past four years. We are wishing them all the best of luck in their training and can’t wait to cheer them on on 4th November.

If you're feeling inspired by Harry and Laura then there's still time to sign up for this year's RSBC Blindfold Run - you have until Thursday 1st November 2018 to sign up!

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