Matthew's Marathon fundraising story

Meet Matthew Haas, one of our inspiring sponsored London Marathon runners who is attempting to complete the gruelling 26.2-mile challenge. But this won’t be his first and only marathon – in fact, it will be his 9th. What a machine he is!

We were able to pull him away from his training for a moment to ask him a few questions about how he’s feeling about the race, and his journey to reaching his fundraising target of £2,500.


Why are you running for RSBC?

I can imagine how challenging it would be to raise a child with a vision impairment, so running for a charity that can help blind children and their families is a really rewarding experience. Also, the fact that raising £2,500 for the RSBC goes towards the support of up to five more families makes me want to get involved even more.


How did you get your marathon place?

After I applied, Emma, who works in the fundraising team at RSBC got in touch with me. She was very helpful in getting me a place, and provided me with an information pack and fundraising tips along the way.


What have you been doing to reach your fundraising target?


Aside from asking my friends and family for sponsorships, I told the school I work at that I was running the London Marathon, and they were really on board with the idea of hosting fundraising events with the students. We organised a blindfold run in which 50 students took part. RSBC helped us by providing blindfolds for the event, and we raised £1,367 in total just on that one day!


Wow, that’s incredible! Did you host any other events at your school?


We also did a blind bake sale where students and parents would purchase the cakes and taste them blindfolded. We raised another £100 for that, and everyone got to eat delicious cake too – win, win!


When did you start fundraising?

I started in February, but you can start fundraising as soon as you sign up, so you have plenty of time to raise as much money as you can for RSBC and reach the £2,500 target.


Above all, are you looking forward to the race?


Definitely. Out of all the marathons I’ve ran, the London Marathon is my ultimate goal, so I’m really excited for it. I’m looking to run it in 3 hrs 30 mins, but I know the support I’ll get from the crowds and the RSBC cheer point along the route will keep me going strong till the very end.


Want to run next year’s London Marathon?


If you’d like to feel the glory of crossing the finish line of the famous London Marathon next year, why not run with #TeamRSBC to support blind children? Fill in your details below to register your interest for 2018.

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