The moment things changed for Elena

Mum Lydia and her two-year-old daughter Elena worked with Maggie from RSBC, and were delighted by Elena’s progress at the end of their first session. Lydia told us about the moment when everything changed for their family:

“Elena has had to battle with a lot in such a short space of time. When she was five months old, I noticed she wasn’t moving her eyes properly and she didn’t seem to be doing things that other babies the same age were.

“Elena is unable to see from the left side of each eye.”

“We took to her to the doctors and were told she has Polymycrogeria which means Elena is unable to see from the left side of each eye.

“When we were given the news a lot of things went through our mind, but we were shocked and worried about how things would be for Elena in the future.

“Elena began to be afraid of touching everything, including her food. She didn’t like the texture of things and playing with her became very hard. My husband Alexander and I became increasingly anxious about her.”

Lydia first heard of RSBC when talking with a local family support worker: “We decided to contact them and I am so thankful that we did. Elena has become so brave and interested in the world around her."

“By the end she was playing with jelly!”

“Maggie began working with Elena, and by the end of the first session the change in Elena was simply amazing. As I have said she was afraid of touching anything, and by the end she was playing with jelly!

“This might sound a bit silly” says Lydia, “but I can’t describe how much this delighted me.”

It was a huge breakthrough for Lydia and her husband Alexander. “We are now learning so much about how to help our daughter. We are full of joy that we can now play and have fun with Elena.

“She has already started to explore different types of food and her progress gives us so much hope for her future as she has become so brave and interested in the world around her.

“I’m making friends with other parents.”

I can’t really describe what a difference all of this has made to the life of our family as I can’t imagine now what life would be like if we hadn’t found Maggie and her team. Thank you for your part in making all this happen for our family.

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