'Poems for Key workers' - Jorja

Join us every Thursday! After you've clapped for the NHS, we will be posting our 'Poems for Keyworkers' series. Poems for Keyworkers are made by our blind and partially sighted young people, who feel passionate about the work that these heroes do every day. We can't thank you enough, but we will try and show our gratitude with our young people's creativity. This week's poem is from Jorja.

This poem is for the NHS workers keeping us all safe,

And for all of the Bin Men clearing up our waste.

And even for the shopkeepers selling us our food 

Making sure our fridges are kept full and good.

This poems for the teachers, that make sure our brain cells don’t waste away

And give us more learning to utilize every day.

And even for our parents, they make sure we’re okay,

And for the transport workers who get us on our way.

This poem is for the truck drivers who bring the shops their supplies

They give us all the essentials to help us with daily life.

And for the postmen that bring us our mail

And help send messages to people without fail.

This poem is for the key workers, every single one

They work hard every day, even though current times aren’t fun.

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