'Poems for Key workers' - Malachai

Join us every Thursday! After you've clapped for the NHS, we will be posting our 'Poems for Keyworkers' series. Poems for Keyworkers are made by our blind and partially sighted young people, who feel passionate about the work that these heroes do every day. We can't thank you enough, but we will try and show our gratitude with our young people's creativity. The text and video of this poem can be found below. 

This week is 'Together We Will Win' by Malachai. 

'The NHS and key workers are working round-the-clock, there helping with Corona we are wanting there to be a stop. Why isn’t there a stop? I so just want it to end!

so did the key workers because this is just not normal

The NHS staff are working every day

What do they do they just want to take it away

They are putting themselves on the line wearing masks and equipment and sometimes catching Corona and taking a lot of commitment.

Some are working for the ambulance and some are working for the police, they are all helping to keep us going and to bring lots of peace!

The NHS staff and key workers are working around the clock and seriously this is a lot!

The key workers the NHS staff are working so hard they don’t know what to do? they don’t think this is a laugh!

They can’t spend time with friends and they can’t spend time with family

Seriously seriously seriously this really all depends

Now I would like to say thank you to all the staff that care, the people that are putting their lives on the line to help that big growling bear!

The NHS keyworkers because they are trying to defeat it!

I’m thinking of the key workers because they are working!

The people that have had it, well done for beating it! you seem strong you never gave up and you battled it for your life.

Now I would like to say a very big thank you to all the NHS keyworkers because they go to work every day.

To teachers to postman to all the other staff

Well done,well done, well done make sure you get to rest!

Now when you go home tonight to make sure you get to rest,

Sleep tight, sleep tight, sleep tight another day is ahead!

COVID-19 is hard to defeat but soon they all will win!

Another growling bear but the NHS will come and beat it and they will win!'

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