Youth Forum Blog - Brandon

Third up in our Youth Forum Blog's is Brandon!

This week Brandon writes about his future, involving his possible career plans. 


I recently graduated from university with an undergraduate degree in psychology - a fact that I am indeed proud of. However, what I was unaware of is the period of further study needed to achieve my goal of becoming a certified healthcare practitioner. A fact that if I was aware of would have made my post-graduation plans a little different. For example, I would have started saving money whilst also searching for a facility that would allow me to gain the experience needed to begin my residency/employment.

Despite this I have been lucky enough to get an interview with a healthcare professional who has advised me on what do going forward regardless of me not getting a job. This advice has helped me revise my plans for the next coming months and beyond.

So I guess what I am trying to say to anyone reading this is that there is always a silver lining as such try not loosing heart in times of strife. 

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