Youth Forum Blog - Charlotte

This week, Charlotte's tells us some stories about having a laugh after potentially awkward situations as a blind or partially sighted person.

Since becoming visually impaired I have had many experiences that could be very embarrassing. I had to laugh at these experiences and I’m sure others can laugh at them too.

There are many times where you feel like your eyes are playing tricks on you such as when I’m walking my dog and he barks at what I thought was a person so I start apologising before getting closer and realising it’s just a motorbike parked on the pavement.  I had a full conversation with a motorbike.

I probably can’t count on both hands the amount of times I have walked into a pole or bollard Considering I’m not a cane user this probably looks very strange to people around me when I’m looking right in front of me so I just laugh with them!

One of the funniest things that has happened is doing the dodge the person in front of you move before you finally realise it’s just a mirror and you’re dodging yourself and will never go anywhere as you always go in the same direction as the person in front of you. On that note I have also walked into a few mirrors as to me it just looks like the way forwards

It can be very embarrassing when you walk up to someone and start talking to them as if they are the person that you were with. Until they don’t respond or act very confused and you hear their voice and realise they’re actually someone you don’t know.  This has happened a few times and most people have a good laugh when you explain why it happened.

I think one of the most memorable times was when there was a big incident near my work at the train station and there was police tape everywhere which I didn’t see so I ended up walking pretty much onto a crime scene and had many police officers running towards me.  It’s a good job they were also very understanding when I explained what had happened and they then helped me find my way. I’m sure at first they wondered why there was a woman walking straight onto a crime scene so casually.

All these experiences could be very embarrassing but once you become visually impaired you learn to take things with a pinch of salt and get on with it.   I tell the stories for a laugh but they are also stories of the general day-to-day things that visually impaired people deal with. I buy  he wrong thing in shops and talk to the wrong people thinking they’re  someone else but hey that’s just life. And when you hear people laughing at you you just have to laugh with them.                   

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