Youth Forum Blog - Rebecca O

This week we have our second Youth Forum blog, this time from Rebecca! 



Hi, my name is Rebecca.

I recently started my third year of university. I am studying History and Politics.

My disability means that the process of preparing for the new academic year can often be more thought out than the average able-bodied person. This is because I have to be very organised and ensure I have spoken to my lecturers before my classes even begin.

I usually have to organise note-taking support, ensure my lecturers are aware of my needs and arrange orientation support to help me get to my classes and navigate the campus. Luckily, my university have been really good at catering for my needs throughout the duration of my course.

Due to COVID, all my lectures and seminars are taught online. Although this will require a greater level of self discipline, the one advantage to this is the fact that all resources are available online which means I can access all my materials without any added stress of not being able to see library books etc. I much prefer my handouts and readings to be digital as I tend to find using magnifiers way more stressful. 

Overall, I am really excited to embark on this year. I hope to do well and go on to do a masters after I finish my undergraduate studies. It definitely feels like the last two years of my degree have flown by and while I still feel 18 at heart, it is crazy to me that I am now 21 and in my last year of university.

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