Two members of RSBC staff sit together at a merger event

RLSB merges with B.I.G.

RLSB is proud to announce an exciting merger with local London charity Blind Independence Greenwich, to ensure the continuation of high-level services offered to blind and visually impaired residents in the Royal Borough of Greenwich.
Abire is seeing climbing up a tower at an RSBC event

12 year old Abire's confidence has soared with RSBC's Health and Well-being Clubs

Before Abire joined the RSBC's Health and Well-being Clubs, she was very quiet and shy. However after just a few months with RSBC, Abire is like a different person. “She’s so confident now!” Mum Wajiha says. Abire even inspired RSBC’s very own mini Olympic games!

"RSBC changed my life completely" Charlotte, 22

22 year old Charlotte from London joined RSBC early last year having been diagnosed with Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON). Recently she joined the RSBC Youth Forum, using her experience of sight loss to support others going through the same thing.
Al at the RSBC Talent Show standing behind the microphone performing

"I’m now so calm in these situations" Al, 21

21 year old Al from East London has been attending RSBC’s Social and Peer groups and Employability programme for two years. He credits RSBC for boosting his confidence and giving him the opportunities to get out of the house and banish his feelings of isolation that he had after coming home from college in Worcester.
Elena with an adult enjoying an activity session

The moment things changed for Elena

Mum Lydia and her two-year-old daughter Elena worked with Maggie from RSBC, and were delighted by Elena’s progress at the end of their first session. Lydia told us about the moment when everything changed for their family.
Headshot of Robert with the words 'When you get help, it's like someone's turned the light on'

Robert never thought he would be able to achieve his career ambitions

19 year-old Robert is an aspiring writer, actor and singer. After losing his sight suddenly whilst taking his GCSE’s three years ago, he felt lost and thought he would never be able to pursue his talents again.
Mum Selam, left, with Isaac, right outside a building.

Mum Selam was lonely and isolated after her son's diagnosis

Meet Selam, she is mum to five-year-old Isaac. Despite his age, Isaac has already faced huge challenges battling Retinoblastoma, a type of eye cancer. He makes his mum proud every day.
Asif is in a park on a challenge course, behind him is an open green field

Meet Asif, Social and Peer Group member

Meet Asif, a member of our Social and Peer Group in West London, made possible by the Heathrow Community Fund. Here he tells us how the group has increased his confidence and taught him valuable skills for the future.
Ethan, centre, with his family around him sat in a field

Meet “cheeky, chatty and kind hearted” Ethan.

Ethan’s mum Bhavna describes her son as “cheeky, chatty and kind hearted.” His positivity and ambition remain intact, despite a really turbulent couple of years since his sight began to rapidly deteriorate. Bhavna credits the help and support her family have received from RSBC's Family Support Service for stepping in to offer advice and professional guidance when they found themselves in crisis and facing an uncertain future.

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