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Deterioration or loss of sight does not just affect a child, it can affect a whole family. Our Families First Team provides practical and emotional support at every stage of your family’s experience, whether you’ve recently found out about your child’s sight condition, or if their sight loss is part of other needs.

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Who we are:

RSBC Families First is team of RSBC Family Practitioners who provide therapeutic intervention and support to children, young people and their families in England and Wales. All our Practitioners are trained and experienced in working therapeutically and can work with the whole family as well as individually with the young person affected by sight loss. We accept self-referrals and referrals from professionals for children and young people between 0 and 25 years of age and their families.

After we receive a referral for a young person, we make contact by phone and arrange a time to visit, either at home or wherever they feel most comfortable. Following our introduction and assessment we will work out a plan together with the young person and their family, related to their individual circumstances and needs. This may involve providing individual sessions to the young person using a range of therapeutic techniques, or it may be working with parents or carers to support them to be able to provide the best possible environment for the young person to grow and develop. We also often work with the whole family together to explore some of the issues around vision impairment that are affecting everyone. 

Our Family Practitioners will also work alongside other professionals involved with the child or young person and become part of the network around the family when this is needed.

Our ethos is to provide psycho-therapeutic support to empower the child or young person and their family to develop their resilience and harness their own strengths in order to achieve their potential and meet their goals.

How we help:

Getting the kind of support our Family Practitioners offer means that blind and partially sighted children and young people are better able to make friends, build and maintain productive relationships, succeed in school and engage fully with the world around them. Families who take part in our service display more cohesiveness and less reliance on strained public services. Parents and carers demonstrate more skills and confidence in caring for their child, while siblings report that they have more understanding of the situation. Taken together all of this leads to healthier family systems, which helps to address the stark evidence that nearly 1 in 5 parents of disabled children suffer from depression and that one in every four parents feel that their child is unhappy because of their eye condition. 

Where we are:

We currently have Family Practitioners based regionally in South West England, the West Midlands, North East England, North West England, London and North and South Wales. In these regions, Family Practitioners work with local authorities and other charities to provide high quality support to the families, which often involves visits to schools, homes, and other locations. Obviously, due to COVID-19, face to face contact has been curtailed for the moment, so the work of the Practitioners has evolved to offering support via web and phone calls instead. We also have a Consultation line available just in case you are not near to a Family Practitioner in your area.


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