Sisterhood : Introduction To Hairstyling with Anna Cofone

Our youth-led Sisterhood group hosts online sessions for blind and partially sighted young women and girls.

Sisterhood is a group for those needing a bit of peer support and guidance. With a supportive group of other vision impaired young women and girls in a safe space, realise your full potential and go on to become leaders, originators, and trendsetters.

We discover how positivity, confidence, and self-esteem can lead to a successful future.

In today’s session celebrity hairstylist Anna Cofone will be taking on us on a journey of learning all about caring for our hair and teaching us new hair styling skills. Her workshops are designed to educate, empower, and connect visually impaired people by teaching them practical skills and equipping them with tools to practise haircare as self-care.

This session will be an introduction with Anna and you will get to meet Anna and express your hair needs and concerns.

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