Families First Service

RSBC Families First

Having a vision impairment can be a challenge both for young people and their families. Whether a condition is diagnosed at birth or develops during childhood or adolescence, the implications are significant, and many people families will want or need some help to manage these.

RSBC Families First is a service that supports young people and their families across England and Wales. Our experienced, professional, Family Practitioners offer a range of support using evidence-based interventions. We also work in partnership with other professionals within the family network.

This support is focussed on a family’s emotional needs, particularly at times of difficulty such as diagnosis, deterioration of vision and life events such as school transitions or family difficulties.

Support is tailored to the needs of the young person (0-25) and their family. It may be short or long term, face to face, over the phone or online, at home or in school/college.

We aim to support to children and young people to thrive by supporting emotional wellbeing, improving confidence and self-esteem and building resilience.

We enable children and young people to create a better life for themselves, by helping every young person we work with to find and fulfil their own unique potential.

We can be there from the moment we are contacted, guiding young people and families on their journey.

We accept self-referrals and referrals from professionals.