Christmas performances

In the lead up to Christmas, RSBC’s Creative group will be bringing you a string of festive performances. Keep checking back as we unveil more of our star performers every few days.

Group performance of The Twelve Days of Christmas

This amazing group of young people have created their own fantastic rewrite of this classic song! They’ve all worked so hard to practice and rehearse together to bring you this fantastic final number and send everyone off with festive spirits into the New Year. We’re very proud to share it with you.

A huge thanks to all the amazing young people who have brought this performance together. From everyone at RSBC and all the very talented young people whose performances you have enjoyed these past few weeks, we wish you happy and peaceful holidays.

Rona performing Merry Christmas Everybody

Since joining RSBC’s Creative group earlier this year, Rona has established herself as a talented, eager, and dedicated performer.

From being a key member of the Creative group’s Afrobeats project this summer, to her virtual performance at RSBC’s AQA ceremony, Rona has brought her A-game to every session she’s attended!

Malachi reciting his poem My Life

Malachi has been supported by RSBC for several years now, and regularly gets involved in our activities. He has a natural talent for writing, poetry, singing and performing, and has performed at AQA ceremonies, Christmas concerts and showcases over the past five years.

Malachi’s talent, along with his drive and committed attitude has shown other young people, parents, and everyone else at RSBC that nothing can get in the way of a young person pursuing their dreams and ambitions!

Camille reciting her poem It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Camille has established herself as a friendly, intelligent, and all-round fantastic participant of RSBC’s activities. She regularly gets involved, attending sessions such as Creative, Audiobook Club and Sisterhood.

She is a brilliant writer and has been sharing her amazing talent with RSBC for around two years now! In that time, Camille has written her own Children’s book which is now being sold on Amazon, as well as having some of her writing published in her college’s weekly newsletters!

Yash performs Scarborough Fair and Clair de Lune

Yash signed up to RSBC’s activities at the beginning of this summer as he wanted to meet and get to know new people. He is now very involved with our sessions and shares his talents and ideas with the Creative group.

He’s been playing the piano since he was 5 years old, and now Yash’s love of music, singing and writing has inspired many young vision impaired people to join our Creative group.

“I have really loved the opportunity to be part of the RSBC and have loved all the moments I’ve been able to share with many young people like myself!” Yash told us.

Funmilayo performing You Raise Me Up

Funmilayo is based in Sheffield and has been able to join the Creative group virtually from home for many of our sessions over the past couple of years.

Funmilayo performing You Say

With her kind and positive attitude, Funmilayo has encouraged many of the other young people to perform to others in the group!

Lilly performing Can The Circle Be Unbroken

Lilly joined RSBC’s Creative group earlier this year has been singing and sharing her passion with us ever since!

Her taste in blues and soulful music has inspired other shy members to sing. She’s already contributed to group projects, ceremonies, and concerts – all virtually!

“I really hope you all enjoy this song! I love music, singing and sharing it with others, and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

Jude performs A Million Dreams

Jude attends RSBC’s specialist further education college, Dorton College and has been supported by RSBC for more than 3 years. Over the past 6 months, he’s become a core member of our Creative project, performing at many of our sessions, Open Mics and even our in-person AQA ceremony in October!

“I love singing and performing! Being able to be around others and sing to them and listen to them sing has really helped me over the last year of COVID. I can’t wait to do more of it in the new year!”