Want us to talk at your event?

What do you get out of booking our speakers?

Booking a speaker means that you will get more information on new projects and events RSBC may be running in your local area. If you happen to know any blind or vision impaired children this information could be very helpful.

It is also a great way for the community to hear from the people they support, as no one else is able to tell their story better than our blind young people.

Listen to how you can support us

Each speaker will also give guidance on what ways community groups can support us and we ask for feedback on the preferred methods. We know that community groups are interested in supporting charitable causes and it is important for us to get to know our community and understand how they would like to help.

Book us now!

Our young speakers can’t wait to give a talk at your school, community or society event. Simply email zoe.makings@rsbc.org.uk or call 07557 956 351.

Regular Giving Helps us to do so much more…

You can make a donation by telephone by calling us on 020 3198 0225