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Winefold Challenge: Choosing your wine

Firstly, if you haven’t got your free wine tasting kit yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up to The Winefold Challenge now.

Once you’ve got your kit, you’ll need to choose what wine your guests will be tasting. Facing the rows of wine at the supermarket can be a bit daunting, but don’t fret. Our in-house wine expert, Kevin McNulty, is here to help. Kevin has over 20 years’ experience in the wine trade so he’s got plenty of tips and tricks to help you choose wisely. We’ll make a Wine Connoisseur of you yet!

Choosing your wine

The UK is a nation of wine lovers, and we’re getting more and more knowledgeable about what we drink. The range of wines available to us is as diverse as you could possibly imagine and savvy supermarkets are bringing us better wines at even cheaper prices.

With an array of wines on the supermarket shelf from £5 to £30, choosing a nice wine can feel like a challenge in itself. But once you know how and why supermarkets display their wines, it’s not that hard to find a great bottle to take home.

Understanding the supermarket shelf

1. The wines are separated into white, rose, red and sparkling wines.

2. Old World (Europe) and New World (America’s, Aus, NZ and South Africa) will be clustered together. Old World wines are delicate, lighter and more complex, and are great to pair with food. New World wines are bigger, and bold enough to be drunk unaccompanied by a meal.

3. The cheapest wines are on the lower shelf gradually getting more expensive on the way up to the top shelf, so keep your budget in mind to find the shelf for you.

4. Special offers are often in a section of their own, so make sure you check the end of the aisles to see if there’s a promotion you can take advantage of.

How to spot a bargain

There are a few ways you can pick up a great deal when you’re shopping for your Winefold Challenge:

  • Check the price tags. Different colour price tags are used to show where a wine has been reduced to highlight a special offer.
  • Look for stock clearances. Supermarkets often clear out older stock (if there’s any left) to make way for a new vintage at a cheaper price.
  • Try out the own label wines. These are wines that supermarkets deem worthy of putting their name, brand and reputation to. They often represent really good value and have clear information about what you’re buying.
  • Find the bulk offers. Mixed case offers are sometimes available and the discount can be as much as 10% for a case of six bottles. Perfect for a Winefold Challenge evening.

Want to impress your friends with your wine knowledge?

Read my guide on the different types of grapes used for different wines, including how and why they taste so different. Even if you can’t tell your Pinot from your Pepsi, your secret will be safe when you reel off your new wine wisdom.

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