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Winefold Challenge: FAQs

How do I hold my own Winefold Challenge?

To sign up for the Winefold Challenge, just download your pack here! All you need is a place to host it, some friends, and some wine! You can host your event at home and invite family and friends, or you could ask to host it at your office or a local venue such as a pub or social club. Whatever you decide, you can ask your guests to bring a bottle of wine, or provide the wine yourself.

How do I raise money at my Winefold Challenge?

We suggest you ask your guests for a donation of £10-£20 each. How much you ask for is up to you but might depend on whether you’re providing the wine or if your guests are bringing it.

How many people can I invite?

With each pack we provide six blindfolds, but you can always request more if you’re holding a larger event. Just email

Who should I invite to my event?

Anyone who enjoys wine! You can invite friends and family, work colleagues, or people in your local community.

Where can I hold my event?

You can host your event at home, or ask to host it at your workplace, local pub or social club.

When should I hold my event?

Whenever! The Winefold Challenge is the perfect event for a Friday or Saturday night. Mid-week evenings are also a great option for those with a busy social calendar.

Where can I get wine for my event?

You can use Kevin’s wine recommendations to let you in on some trade secrets you when buying wine in one of the big supermarket’s. Why not approach your local supermarket or off licence to find out if they can donate a bottle or two? Contact our team to request your ‘proof of fundraising’ letter.

I don’t drink alcohol; can I still raise money for RSBC?

Of course! Even the simplest fundraising ideas can make a huge difference, and with a little imagination there’s no limit to what you can achieve for blind young people. Fundraising by doing things you love is a sure fire way to make the most of your time and skills. From challenging runs to fundraising at your office, and a lot in between, we can help you find a fundraising activity you’re sure to love. We’ll have you on the path to fundraising success in no time at all.

I’m under 18; can I still hold an event for RSBC?

It is against the law to supply alcohol anywhere to someone under 18, and hosting a wine night means it is your responsibility to ensure that those taking part are aged 18 or over. However, there are plenty of other ways you can get involved! You can sign up to one of our challenge events, or we can send you a list of fundraising ideas for you to do within your community.

When will my pack arrive?

Please allow 5 working days for your pack to arrive in the post. If you have opted for the downloadable pack, you can download it straight away.

I would like to hold a raffle at my event – are there any rules about this?

If you’re holding a public raffle – where tickets are sold to members of the public – you will need to obtain a gambling licence. However, if you’re holding a private raffle – when tickets are only available to members of a private society or club – you won’t need a licence.

In a private raffle, you can only sell tickets at the event and on the premises of the event. The raffle must not be the sole purpose for the event. You will need to draw the raffle in the duration of the event.

Remember, under 16s are not allowed to gamble. Whether your raffle is private or public, you must not sell any under 16s raffle tickets.

How do I pay in the money I’ve raised?

Please get your guests to fill out the donation form included in your pack, and then send it back to us using the freepost envelope. You can pay in the money raised using one of the options below;

Online: Go to our Donate page and enter your details; not forgetting to leave a reference ‘Winefold Challenge’.

Over the phone: Call our fab wine gals on 020 3198 0225 and we can process your donation over the phone.

Cheque: Please send to us using the form and Freepost envelope provided in your pack or to

52-58 Arcola Street,
E8 2DJ

What is Gift Aid?

When you make a donation to a charity, that charity is able to claim back the tax that you have paid on that donation. This mechanism is called Gift Aid and amounts to an extra 25p for every £1 that you give. To allow us to claim this back you must be a UK taxpayer and have paid sufficient income and/or capital gains tax to cover the amount RSBC will reclaim each tax year.

RSBC will be able to reclaim tax on voluntary donations made by your guests if;

  1. They have made an individual donation
  2. Filled in all of the boxes on the donation form (in your fundraising pack)
  3. Ticked the Gift Aid box

What is in my pack?

In your pack you will find an introduction letter, a case study and information about how your money helps. You will also receive guides about how to plan your event, how to host your event, and how to taste wine properly. For the tasting, you’ll receive a tasting card for each guest where they can guess what wine they tasted. Within your pack you will also find information about how to pay in your money, and how to request any more materials.

Can I get any extra materials?

We have a number of extra materials available via download e.g. invites, a poster, and wine glass tags. We are also able to send you more blindfolds for your event if you’re inviting a lot of people. Just get in touch and we can send you any extras once you've signed up.

I would like someone from RSBC to attend my event

Please contact and we’ll try to help.

Do I have to raise a minimum amount?

There is no minimum amount, but we suggest that you ask for minimum donation of £10 from each guest.

I haven’t had a thank you for my donation

Please email us at with your details and we’ll look into this for you.

How long do I have to pay my money in?

There’s no set deadline for fundraising, but we would like you to pay your money in as soon as possible after your event so we can thank you.

Can I share any pictures from my event?

Of course! You can email your photos to, post them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #WinefoldChallenge, or tag us on social media at @RSBCcharity.

How do I contact the fundraising team?

If you have any other questions that aren’t answered in these FAQs, please contact the fundraising team at or call us on 020 3198 0225.