Liam, a 2 year old beneficiary, looks out of the window

Help a blind child

Thank you for taking the first step to help blind children, just like Liam, live a better life.

Two-year-old Liam was born with Cone Rod

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Isaac stands crossed arms in a blue and grey top with text to his left, reading 'I won't let blindness defeat me - #EveryBlindChid'

Isaac's Story

Meet six-year-old Isaac.

Isaac likes buses, trains and riding his bike, and one day, he is going to design the w

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Young girl wearing pink t-shirt with her hair in plats. Words to her left read 'I won't let blindness defeat me' and #EveryBlindChild'

Sasha’s story

Meet aspiring fashion designer, Sasha.

Sasha loves to draw and make things, and at just nine years old she is already a whizz wit

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You can call us between 9am-5pm Monday - Friday on 020 3198 0225. Prefer us to call you?