What are you entitled to?

It can sometimes be difficult working out what benefits you are entitled to, particularly with the rollout of universal credit.

Welcome to our simple to use benefits and budgeting calculator. Through a few simple steps you can see the benefits you may be entitled to.

To find out what you might be able to claim enter your details and you’ll receive an estimate of your entitlements, tax credit and Universal Credit


How does it work?

Based on the information you provide – such as where you live, whether you are single parent or a couple or if you care for a child or a young person, It can tell you if you’re potentially entitled to claim extra money.

You should treat your results as a helpful estimate to help you figure out what you could be claiming. The calculator cannot guarantee your eligibility for any benefit or tax credit.

If you need help to complete the online form or require further information, call 020 3198 0225 or email connections@rsbc.org.uk


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