Spring newsletter

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Loneliness and isolation at the start of Covid restrictions had a big impact on everyone, including young vision impaired teenagers Emma and Eva.

Thanks to your support, RSBC were able to provide online Sisterhood Sessions – a support and mentoring group for vision impaired girls and young women.

Emma says: “Being involved in Sisterhood made me feel less isolated through the lockdown.”

Eva adds, “Without RSBC, life would be a lot lonelier, that’s for sure.”

With restrictions lifting, RSBC is continuing to provide this vital support both online and in-person, offering a mix of approaches to connect blind and partially sighted children and young people. Emma and Eva have now met face-to-face and brought their friendship into the physical world. Both their mums have said that they have grown in confidence and helped build a community with other young people in the same situation.

“It’s brilliant being together again.”

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