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Gifts in Wills

Leaving a gift to RSBC in your Will

A Will is a good way to plan for the future needs of your family and loved ones. By leaving a gift in your Will to RSBC, you can create a better future for blind and partially sighted children and their families.

There are plenty of ways you can leave a gift in your Will:

  • A cash gift. You can leave a fixed amount of money to RSBC. Because of inflation, the value of a fixed cash gift will decrease over time, so you may want to review cash gifts from time to time.
  • A residuary gift. After giving what you want to friends and family, you can leave what’s left (or a percentage of what’s left) to RSBC. This sort of gift will keep its value over time.
  • In a trust. You can set aside a sum in your Will which is left in a trust fund and given to RSBC when the term of the trust fund ends. You can also do this in the deed of any trust you make in your lifetime.
  • A codicil. If you already have a Will and would like to add a gift to RSBC, you may be able to add a simple form, known as a codicil, to your existing Will. Speak to your Will writer or solicitor to make sure this is done correctly.

Next steps

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