Find out what you are good at and match it to some jobs

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To start with, try these steps:

  • Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Write everything down you can think of. Take your time and add to your list as you go along. Include things you are good at, for example science or sports, as well as ‘soft skills’ like confidence, being social etc.
  • Have a think how you can turn your weaknesses into strengths. Just brainstorm some ideas. Ask your friends and family to help. For example, if you feel you lack confidence in looking for a job, think about ways of trying out different things, like work experience.
  • Produce a personal statement. This helps you to tell the story about who you are and what you are good at. Your statement can be a document you write, a video, a sound file. Whatever suits you best. Show your statement to your friends or family and check if they understand what you are saying. This will help you to be as clear as possible.

RSBC tip – talking about your vision impairment

Think about whether you want to talk about your vision impairment to future employers. You could, for example, tell them about the skills you have you developed through coping with your vision impairment and how these set you apart from other candidates.

Look at your personal statement. Which jobs do you think could be a good match for you? As a first step, you can try putting some of your strength + job into Google and see what comes up, for example ‘communication skills+job’.​​​

RSBC tip – focus on your strengths

If you get lost figuring out what jobs might suit you, go back to your list of strengths. They are your starting point.


Have a look at these websites, they can help you get a first idea of what jobs are out there:

  • Startprofile – helps you all along your job search journey
  • Skills Health Check – quizzes and activities from the National Career Service to help you match your skills to a job
  • Barclays Life Skills – helps you build skills and match them to jobs

You should now have an idea of what kind of jobs you might be good at.

If you live in London, RSBC can help you:

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