Lockdown Diaries – Brandon’s Poem

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Second in our Lockdown Diaries series is a poem from Brandon, a beneficiary of RSBC and Youth Forum member.

Quarantine: A day in the life

Morning comes with a frustrated yawn, curl fisted eye rubs and repeated blink as I try to adjust my perception to the present dawn

Almost immediately followed by random thoughts about stretching outback on the lawn

Then it hits me a pulled curtain an opened window

Forcing in the light reflecting upon my face by the wardrobe door mirror

And there he stood the little shhhhhhhh

Smiling all wide eyed and gleeful at me “good morning bro!”

Oh, how I could just…

But I resist simply smiling back with a “same to you”After an extra hour pondering the benefits of facing the day, I restlessly make my way out of bed

Across the hall, along the ceiling and down the stairs to a sudden realisation that my random montage was just a waking dream

That I deemed to a necessary motivator factor to my arriving at in the bathroom

Once sufficiently cleansed I begin the day again making amends for being so dense to whatever God that we wrong resulting in this situation

Making a silent declaration to do something productive today (dissertation)

Any way I plod on to the kitchen greeting mother with a firm handshake like the weirdo that I am to her obvious bewilderment

And after some causal small talk about our late-night dreams

I rustle up some breaky or as mum would call it my deadly experiment

Off to the living-room, past my little brother watching got know what on the TV to the computer table I go

On arrival drifting into a world of anime and YouTube for about 4 hours whilst munching away on breaky

Thing dingo goes my phone with a message form Deano asking me for a Facetime to which decline for the me time

Rescheduling to an hour after I would have done some outdoors yoga

   Resulting in another thirty minutes of talking about the purpose of baby Yoda within the Star Wars franchise

Thus, missing my call with Deano

No bother though as I walk back in to play something on my guitar for another thirty minutes 

Before deciding it was finally time to tackle some of the world biggest questions such as

Why people thought it was ok to put a baby’s face in a sun on a TV show aimed at children?

After an undisclosed period begin to make my way through each of my university assignment to an undisclosed soundtrack (occasionally head bobbing)

Dingo goes my phone again and this time I answer to Deano yelling “Sup brudda, how goes the lockdown?” to my instant frown

An hour and thirty minutes later, on completion of a much-needed conversation about on Attack on Titan

I dice that I’ve done enough for the day or at least I thought so observing the time to be 9pm

But apparently not as I get pulled into yet another game of nuts and crosses by, he who shall not be named  

Eventually tiring to my tamed enthusiasm victory smirks

Allowing me to hit the hay


As I drift back to sleep listening to a podcast

And yes, I spent the entire day in my PJ’s (just like every one of you, right?)

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